Devil Nights

Hi I'm Emma. I am 26 years old. I'm an aspiring comic book artist and illustrator living in Baltimore with my fantastic girlfriend. I REALLY LIKE EQUIUS. I'm not sorry. I might be a little sorry. This blog is occasionally Not Safe For work.


1. The “this isn’t Tavros it’s Hussie disguised as Tavros trying to propose to Vriska” theory makes sense and it’s either that or Tavros is just being a weirdo and lied to John and if that is true lol Tavros why

2. If this is Tavros he does not seem like a babby and he can stand up for himself against Vriska idk, I thought that was kind of established when they both met up in the desert dream bubble in the first place. They are both dicks. Also I don’t think they’re dating?? What are you up to Tavros/Hussie what is happening in Homestuck right now I’m too oblivious for Hussie’s TRICKS AND DECEPTIONS

3. John is still great